To be among the best programmes in Biotechnology, generating bioengineers and technologists replete with proper attitude, skills, knowledge, ethics and to become a renowned center for the genesis of creative ideas and solutions.

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology engineering is a branch of engineering where technology is combined with biology for research & development. Biotechnology involves wide range of subjects such as engineering, genetics, biochemistry, microbiology and chemistry. There are various applications of biotechnology in fields such as animal husbandry, growth of vaccines and medicines, agriculture, pollution control, energy production and conservation, healing of prolonged disease and ecological conservation. It also helps in development of insecticides, fertilizers and quality of seeds.

  • To provide distinctive and relevant education within scientific and professional environment. To develop curricula that are holistic, flexible and dynamic in design so as to nurture heightened cognitive abilities leading to creativity and innovation
  • To dispense quality knowledge and practical skills, to achieve excellence in education and create technologically competent manpower for the global institutions.
  • To give impetus to creative minds to transform society through innovation, design and to build entrepreneurship, leadership and to facilitate concerted action.
  • To advance the frontiers of knowledge in biotechnology through research in applied areas of social relevance within the realm of ethics.
Careers opportunities

Graduates in biotechnology can gain employment in research and development to manufacturing and production, regulatory affairs and administration.

  • Research scientist.

  • Research associate.
  • Laboratory specialist.
  • Clinical data specialist
  • Product specialist.
  • Environment or safety specialist.
  • Quality controller
  • Advertiser.
  • Public Realtions officer.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Venture capitalist